• Image of The Complete Steve & The Board

“What's a Giggle-Eyed Goo???”

Though unlauded today, Steve & The Board were one of Australia's premier bands of the 1960's.
This archival release rights that injustice by gathering together the entirely of Steve & The Board's all-too-brief recording career; across 16 killer 2-and-a-half-minute top-drawer hard pop gems

Officially licensed and mastered from the original tapes; this release includes a deluxe 32-page booklet features a definitive essay detailing the band's history; plus rarely-seen photos!

1. The Giggle-Eyed Goo!
2. I'm To Blame
3. Rosalyn
4. I've Just Realised
5. Margot
6. Rosemarie
7. I Want
8. I Call My Woman Hinges,
'Cause She's Something To Adore
9. Little Miss Rhythm And Blues
10. Farmer John
11. Love's Made A Fool Of You
12. Lonely Winter
13. So Why Pretend
14. Good For Nothing Sue
15. Now I'm Older
16. Sally Was A Good Old Girl